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PH meter pH-150MI (without tripod)
  • PH meter pH-150MI (without tripod)

PH meter pH-150MI (without tripod)

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Brand:Измерительная техника
Country of manufacture:Russia

The pH meter is designed to measure pH values, oxidation - reduction potential (Eh) and temperature in process and other aqueous solutions, natural and waste waters.

The pH meter pH - 150MI is a modern microprocessor - based device. Compact, lightweight, self - contained and economical. The pH meter is easy to set up and operate, easy to operate.

- There are no mechanical controls in the microprocessor device, which excludes the possibility of accidental settings failure.
- The pH meter is made in a dust and moisture proof housing. With autonomous power supply, it can be used in the field.
- The pH meter is easy to operate, works in a dialogue mode using prompts to the operator.
- Automatic diagnostics of the parameters of the electrode system.
- The use of interchangeable temperature sensors allows you not to adjust when replacing them
- Complete with a pH meter, everything you need for measurements is supplied, incl. combined electrode ESK - 10603/7 .
- The pH meter allows you to specify the values of the coordinates of the isopotential point of the used electrode system.
- The pH meter allows storing 30 results in memory and stopping the measurement process while keeping the current reading on the display.
- Automatic recognition of any of the standard calibration solutions pH: 1.65; 4.01; 6.86; 9.18; 12.43 makes it easier to calibrate the pH meter.


Measured value Units Measuring range Discreteness Погрешность преобразователя Погрешность прибора
pH - - 1,00..14,00 * 0,01 ±0,02 ±0,05
Eh (ЭДС) мВ - 2000..2000 1 ±3
T °С - 10..100 1 ±2 ±2

* Диапазон показаний преобразователя. Диапазон измерений зависит от применяемого электрода.

Температурная компенсация:
ручная и автоматическая - 10..100°С
Дисплей: символьный ЖКИ
сетевое 220 В, частотой 50 Гц
автономное 6В (1,5Вx4 элемента A316)
Потребление: не более 10 мА
Масса: 0,3 кг
Габаритные размеры: 190 x 95 x 55 мм

Комплект поставки


Преобразователь pH - 150МИ
Термодатчик ТДЛ - 1000 - 06
Комбинированный рН - электрод ЭСК - 10603/7
Блок сетевого питания
Руководство по эксплуатации
Инструкция по калибровке рН - 150МИ
Brand:Измерительная техника
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 10.06.2021

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